Create your own Halo 3 signature with this Photoshop tutorial

Need a Halo 3 signature for your forum postings? This free tutorial shows you how to create a Halo 3 signature with Photoshop like this:

First, create a new file with the dimensions 410×120. You don’t necessarily need this size, but I find it’s the best size for signatures. Select a white background in the new image setup under background setup.

Here’s the image I’m going to use. Feel free to use it for this tutorial. Right click and Save As for the image.

Insert this image into your 410×120 file by opening the image and then select all of it and copying/pasting it in. Name the layer render1. Make the Master Chief appear on the left side of the image, like this:

Duplicate render1 twice. Name these two new layers bg and bg2. Make sure the layers bg and bg2 are behind render1. Press L on your keyboard to bring the lasso tool. Use it loosely cut around the Master Chief, like below:

Make sure render1 is selected. Go to Select>Feather to bring up the feather menu. Type 15 into the box and click OK. Right click on the selected portion of the image and select Layer via copy. This will create a new layer. Call this layer render2.

Select render1 and go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. Set the distance to 45 pixels. Click OK. Now, set the layer’s blending to Hard Light. You should have something like this:

Ensure that bg2 is above bg. Now, set bg2 to Soft Light. This makes the background a little bit darker. To finish off the background, click on the layer bg. Go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur and set it to 45 pixels. Click OK. You’ll now have something like this:

Check to make sure bg is selected. If it isn’t, select it. Now, go to Filter>Sketch>Water Paper. Use these settings:
Fiber Length: 8
Brightness: 57
Contrast: 71
You’ll have something like this:

Now we’ve mostly completed the background. The Master Chief is still a little too bright. Let’s make the image a little more dramatic. Duplicate render2 and name the new layer render3. Set render3 to Soft Light and adjust the opacity to 50%. This will return this outcome:

Although this simple signature looks pretty good, it needs a few more additions. A border would make it look more complete. Select the top side of the image with the single row marquee tool. While holding shift, select the bottom side as well. Now, select the single column marquee tool. Select the left and right sides of the image while holding shift. Create a new layer and fill the selection with a dark color such as #222222. Create a new layer and select the image in the same way as before, except this time select the portion of the image 1 pixel inside the dark border you just made. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Fill this new layer with white. Place it behind the dark border and set its blending mode to soft light. Here’s what your image should look like now:

Now if you want you can add some text. I just added the website address with a white drop-shadow. Here’s my finished product:


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