Create Your Own Custom RSS Image

1. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own custom RSS image. So you can really show off some web 2.0 creativity. Create a new document, and make it 100×100

2. Throughout most of this tutorial, you might want to stay zoomed in so you can see better what you’re doing. Fill the background with black

Picture 1

3.Create a new layer. Then make a rectangle box that wraps around the document, and fill it with white. There should be only a small portion of black left showing

Picture 2

4.Next, you’ll want to add a blending option; Bevel and Emboss (use the settings below)

Picture 3

and your document should look like this:

Picture 4

5. Next, make another box inside the white one. You’ll want the right edge to stop right where the inner bevel begins. Yet again, we’re going to add a bevel and emboss blending option, use the settings below:

Picture 5

then add a satin blend:

Picture 6

Your document should look like this now:

Picture 7

Next, we’re going to add the circle and two curves that makes a RSS image a RSS image. First grab add the circle, and put it in the bottom left portion of the colored box. Then add the two curves, spacing them equally away from the circle

Picture 8

Yet again we’re going to add a bevel and emboss blend to the RSS circle and curves. Their settings are a bit different though, and you can find them down below

Picture 9

This is should be what your final product looks like. So congratulations, you’ve just created your very own custom RSS image.

Picture 10

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