Create Water Splash Text in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to take pictures of water splashing and use them to create a really cool text effect.

First start an 800X300px document in photoshop and use a white background.

Next I will type out “SPLASH” on the canvas with the type tool. You can type anything you want.

I am using a font I have on my computer called Incised901, but you can use whatever font you want. I picked a font size to make the word fit pretty much across the
entire canvas.

Now add these blending options to the text:

Color Overlay:

Inner Glow:

And it should look similar to this:

Now I will use multiple images of splashes I downloaded from a stock photo site





I am going to start using splash4 on the first letter of my word.

I will use my pen tool or you can use the lasso tool to make a selection around the bottom part of the splash in the water.

Copy and paste the selection you made in the document and place it over the first letter.

Now make a selection around the text by holding down ctrl or cmd on a mac and click on the icon on the left of the layer in the layer palette window. Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

WIth the selection made copy and paste the selection back in the canvas.

Move the copied portion back over the the first letter and erase the excess parts showing on other letters with the eraser tool.

With the splash just over the first letter change that layers blending mode to “darken”

This will allow the inner glow of the letter to show through.

Now to finish off this letter go back to the splash image we were using to copy the portion out for the first letter. Make a selection around the top part of the splash coming out of the water.

Paste it in the canvas and position it over top of the letter. Size it down to fit right over it and make sure to cover up the inner shadow.

To blend it in better grab a small soft eraser brush, zoom in, and erase the parts that do not blend in like the top part you can see where we cut out the splash.

After that get a slightly larger eraser brush and erase the bottom portion of the splash to blend in better.

My result looks like this:

I am going to duplicate that same layer and put a few more splashes on the letter S.

Use the same method on all of the other letters and use the different splashes for other letters. I duplicated the same one for the other S.

And that is all for this tutorial. I just wanted to show you a really quick way to achieve a nice text effect by just using stock images!

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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