July 21, 2017

Create Simple Candy Cane Text in Photoshop

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to make some simple candy cane text so you can use in any christmas projects you may have.

First start a document at 523X129px with a white background.

Choose color #cc0000 as your foreground color.

Next add a halftone pattern to the canvas. Create a new layer and fill it with the red color. Go to filter>>sketch>>halftone pattern

Use these settings:

Now rotate the layer 90 degrees by hitting ctrl+t on your keyboard or cmd+t on a mac and rotate the layer. You can right click and choose rotate 90 degrees or rotate it manually. Once you do that move it all the way over to the left side of the canvas.

Now duplicate the layer and move the new one to the right and so on until you fill in the entire canvas with vertical lines.

Once you do that merge the layers together by highlighting them and hitting ctrl+E to merge.

Next I am going to skew the layer to make it go diagonal to the left. So use ctrl+t on the layer again, right click on the canvas and choose “skew”.

After that put your cursor on the top middle block guy and move it to the right

You should have something like this now:

Create a new layer above that one and hide the previous layer we just made for later use.

In the new layer put some font in there that says, “Candy Cane” or whatever you want. I used a font called One Stroke Script that I have in my fonts already. I used the color black for
now but that will change with some blending options later.

Next add these blending options to the text:

Main blending options window. All I did is turn the fill down to 0%.

Drop Shadow

Inner Glow

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay

After that mine looks like this

Now unhide the previous layer with the red diagonal lines. Hold down ctrl and click on the little icon beside your text in the layer’s palette that shows a “T” for text and it should make an outline around the text.

Then click on the layer with the red lines and copy and paste the selection from that layer.

Move the copied selection above the text layer.

Change its blending mode to darken and it should give a pretty good candy cane feel.

I want to give this more of a christmas kind of feel with snow so create a new layer below all the layers and make it black.

Make sure white is your foreground color and choose this 100px brush tool

Make sure the opacity of the brush is set around 70% and the flow around 65%

Now create a new layer above the black one and use your brush to paint white snow behind the text. When you paint the layer it will be lighter first then paint over it again to make it more white.

Here is my result:

The final thing I want to do to make this look really good is to make the text look like it has sort of a wrapper around it like a real candy cane. You know how a candy cane looks shiny in the wrapper?

Ctrl+click on the text layer again to make a selection around it and on your top menu go to Select>>modify>>contract

In the little window that pops up put 4 in as the number.

Once you do that it will make random selection on the text.

Create a new layer above it and use a soft white brush to paint white all over the selections.

On the brush I used an opacity of 68% and a flow of 53%.

Here is the final image!

Hope you learned something new in this and have a nice holiday.