Create Realistic Fire and Smoke with Text

This easy and quick tutorial will show you a way I have learned to generate fire on text with smoke as well. When I first started learning photoshop for some reason making fire always fascinated me, so now I will show you the ways I developed on making my favorite fire text with smoke.

This tutorial will show you various methods on using the smudge tool, blend modes
and effects, hue/saturation adjustments, and gradients. First I start off with
a 400X400 (px) canvas with a black background. Next I just chose a simple arial
font and wrote fire text with smoke.

Next I turned the font vertically using the shortcut ctrl+t then holding down shift to turn the font to the position I want.

Then I will use the wind filter to give the effect of fire by going to filter>>stylize>>wind.

Photoshop will tell you the layer must be rasterized before proceeding so just say ok since you have no other choice. When you get into the wind filter you can’t see your font so just click in the window and drag it into your view. Then use the method wind and direction from right to left. Click OK.

After using the filter once the effect isn’t quite enough so just hit ctrl+f on your keyboard, which will use the last filter again (which was the wind filter).

Next Flip the text horizontal again and put it toward the bottom of your canvas. Now I will start on getting the color of the fire and the text by going to my blend options on my layer.

First I will do an outer glow with the following settings…

The colors used in the outer glow gradient are: for the red – #E10B0B and for the yellowish color – #999405. I did not pick these colors for any particular reason, I just messed with the colors until I got the effect I was looking for.

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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