Create An Easy Multi-Screen TV Effect

You’ve seen them in movies, and at tech shows. Where multiple TV screens are used to show a single image. While there are few real world applications for this, it’s still a pretty cool looking effect.

It’s easy to achieve using Photoshop, so here’s the easy steps. First, find an image with multiple screens. Or you can create your own.

Next, we need to find a good landscape image. Specifically one which can still be made out, after chopping it up.

Resize it so that it lines up with the edges of all your screens.

Ok, here’s where layers become very important. Select the layer which should be the black background, and the screens. Use your eyedropper tool to select the black. Then select your mountain layer again, and simply hit delete. VOILA!

Now, you can add some effects to change the images. Here, I just lowered the opacity to give the images a more granular look. Like something you’d more than likely see on a TV screen.

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