Create an Artistic Face with Scattered Letters

In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to create an artistic photo manipulation using scattered letters, a face, and a gradient.

First download this picture:

Start a new document about 800X900px and make the background black.

Grab your gradient tool first

Start a new layer and drag your gradient on the screen until you get something similar to this

Open your picture of the girl and put it in the middle of your document.

Duplicate your face layer so you have a backup and hide one of them.

On the layer you did not hide hit ctrl+U on your keyboard to bring up your hue/saturation tool and use these settings:

Now she should look purple like this

Now use your level tool to darken her a bit by hitting ctrl+L on your keyboard and use these settings

Now on to the letters.

Create a new layer above all the rest and add the letters A-Z on your canvas using
separate layers for each one, I know this sounds time consuming but its not bad.
Randomly place them but keep them close together.

I am going to use the font called “viking”.

Now for each letter go through and use your transform tool (ctrl+t) on each letter and spin them all so they look more random

Now choose one of your letters to add these blending options to

Now right click on the letter you added them to and pick “copy layer style”

Then highlight all of your other letter layers together, right click them and click “paste layer style”

Now they should all look the same, similar to this

Now merge all those layers together and then copy the new layer a few times and move it over her face

Now duplicate a few more of them and make them smaller and also cover her face

Next duplicate a few more and place them around her face on the canvas.

Here is what I have

Now drag the picture of the face above all the layers and set its blending mode to pin light

After you do that there will be black area around the face so take a large soft eraser brush and erase to get rid of the black. I am using a 65px brush.

After that I have something like this

That is about it for this tutorial. There are many more things you can add to this to make it really good, but I am just trying to get you jump started in the right direction so have fun!

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