Create a Wood Texture

There are countless places and times you can use wood textures. Many tutorials will show you how to make metal, but this tutorial will go into more detail to show you how to make your wood unique.

Final Result

For this tutorial all you will need is Photoshop. STEP 1 (Wood)
There are hundreds of tutorials about how to make a basic wood texture, but this tutorial will attempt to make your wood texture unique.

Open a new document. I chose to make mine 800 by 500.

Fill the document with a brown color. I used this color .

Copy the layer you made. Select the copied layer and go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Use the settings in the picture below.

Now go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur

The settings on this may vary depending how you want you wood to look, and it will vary because of canvas size.

I used an angle of 0 and distance of 270.

Next adjust the brightness/contrast with settings Brightness at -15, and contrast at +30.

This is sort of what your image should look like so far

STEP 2 (Making your wood unique)

Create a new layer, and fill the layer with white(#FFFFFF). Now add a noise filter with settings “Amount: 80%, Distribution: Uniform and Monochromatic checked.” Then set the layers blending mode to ‘Overlay’ and set the opacity to 10%. You can make it more or less depending on what you want. You can erase certain parts of the layer to make the wood more realistic and irregular. This is what my image looked like at this point.

You can make your wood look like it’s carved into. To do so, make a new layer. Next type your text using whatever font you want. You can also use images.

Ctrl + Click the text layers to make a selection of them. Click the wood layer and go to Layer > New > Layer via copy. Now you can hide or delete the text layers.

Right Click the Layer we just made from duplicating the wood layer and select Blending Options. Use the settings in the pictures below.

I decided to use an image and hear is what I came up with. (To make the highlight all I did was mess with the settings of the filter plastic wrap.

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