Create a Web 2.0 Style Menu

For this newest update I am going to show you a cool and simple way to create some neat web 2.0 style icons that I am going to use as a menu for a site, but you could use this technique for anything. This is a very easy way to use blending options to achieve a nice effect!

First I started off with a 400X150px canvas and made a new layer. In your new layer use your elliptical marquee tool to draw as perfect of a circle as you can like this:

Next right click or double click on your new layer and use these blending options:


Gradient Overlay

I also moved around the colors in my gradient overlay like this:

Inner Glow

Outer Glow

You should end up with something like this:

See I told you this was easy and achieves a cool effect, at least I do anyway. Let me know what you think. Now for a few more touches to make these even better, first I am going to add the web 2.0 feel to it. Start a new layer and get your ellipse tool and change your fill color to white. Make a circle similar to this on the button:

Next you need to grab a soft eraser brush about 45px:

Now position your eraser in the middle over the bottom half of the circle:

While holding down shift click and move the mouse down and up over and over until you get something like this:

Just try it a few times until you get something you like. I think this is looking pretty cool so far what about you? Now I want to add a small shadow underneath to make this really stand out. Yet again we are going to use the ellipse tool, but we want the color to be black. Make a new layer again and make a circle underneath the button like this:

Ok, now that you have that lets add some gaussian blur to it. So go to Filter>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur:

Add a 7.5px radius in the Gaussian blur settings:

Hit Ok and you should see something like this:

I think that would really stand out on a website. Last but not least we are going to add some text to it and see what it would look like as a menu. Use white arial text (or whatever font you want) around 20px and just put text on your button, I am going to put the word “Home”.

Now for the text reflection. Duplicate the text, rotate it 180 degrees and flip it horizontally. In my version of photoshop I just go to Edit>>Transform and both of those settings are in the same window. Position your text below the main text like this:

Its time to use the eraser brush again and just keep the same size you had before because it will work nicely. Pick your eraser, click on the text and a little window will popup saying you must rasterize the layer before you can do this, so of course say OK. There are other ways to make a reflection but I think this is the easiest, atleast to me. So position your eraser toward the bottom of the rasterized text, while holding down shift move your mouse from left to right erasing a little of it.

My result:

That is pretty much it, now you can duplicate that layer and make other buttons as part of the menu. Also it is very easy to change the color of these by changing the gradient overlay like this:

I hope this tutorial helped you learn some new techniques and you enjoyed. Please let me know if there is anything I can clarify or help you with. Thanks for reading!

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