Create a Web 2.0 Badge

Web 2.0 graphics and websites are in fashion and are all the rage, this tutorial will show you how to create a badge such as “NEW!” or “SITE REVAMPED” etc.. Here is an example:

Badge Final 3 Web 2.0 Out Now!Web 2.0 Blue Badge

Badge Final 2 Web 2.0 Special Offer

We will be creating the very first one, first off create document 250, 250 px with a transparent layer.

1. Grab the polygon tool and set these options…


2. Draw a polygon in the middle of the layer like so, chose any color you want but dont make it too dark or too light. Have a nice web 2.0 color…

3. Apply these blending options to it:

4. Select some thick bold text and write what you want. Add a stroke, a bit of inner shadow with opacity set to low and maybe a gradient. This will give the effect that the text is actually part of the badge.

5. Now lets add a gloss, CTRL + CLICK the picture in the layer of the polygon. This selects all of that layer. Now draw a white rectangle in half of it.

Set the opacity to around 8% – 12%. It depends on the colour.

And your done! Any questions post a comment and I’ll get back to you shortly! If you need any more detail on this tutorial just ask.

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