Create A Spooky Halloween Picture

These are the images I will be using.

Open your main image.

Move the image to a larger canvas. For mine, I moved it in the top right so I had some room to spare. (Keep in mind we will be cutting down the image even more once everything is in place.)

Now, crop as much out as you can. I also used the Blur Tool around the edges. I erased some of the hat because we will be adding a new one.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

I added some space to the height to be able to fit the witch’s hat in.

Move it to our main image. Try to make it the correct size then crop it out as best as you can.

Move your pot over.

Again, crop it out and make it the correct size.

On a new layer, go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

I lowered the opacity of this layer to about 70%.

Take your brush tool, use a Blur brush and lower the opacity and just start going over until you get the achieved look.

Then if you want, take the Burn tool and go around the outside of the girl. Of course you will want to lower the Exposure of the burn tool, you don’t want it to stand out too much.

I also tool the Dodge tool and went over the girl some so she lightened up a little.

Then I cropped my image down to whatever size I wanted.

Ok lets give the pot some more smoke. You want it to of course look a little like something is boiling over. I took the brush tool again, with a Soft round brush and lowered the opacity and went over the top of the pot.

I also added an Outer Glow. Don’t forget, this is easy to fix if you mess up, by using the eraser or adding more with the brush.

You can do the corners how you want but what I did is:

On a new layer…. Take your Elliptical Marquee tool and make a selection. Go to Select > Inverse. You should have this:

Get a Soft Round Brush again. You probably want a bigger one this time. And Start working on the corners:

Play with the opacity and brush size until you get what you want.

I also used the Blur tool to get rid of some of the lines. I wanted some more around the edges so I fixed that with the brush tool also.

And that’s it!

Or, you could add a little color if you wanted to.

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