Create a Shocking Image in Photoshop

I will run you through some easy ways to make someone look like they are getting shocked by sticking their fingers in electrical outlets.

I don’t really know how I came up with this tutorial other than just seeing this picture and deciding to make her look like she is getting shocked.

**Quick Note – click on these images for larger versions.

So grab that picture and open it in photoshop. Cut her out by any means you know
how, I am skipping this step. I used the pen tool to cut her out.

Next start a document of 500X800px to give ourselves plenty of room to work in.
You can do smaller version of this if it will fit on your resolution better.

Now drag your cutout of her into your document.

Next grab this image of an electrical outlet:

Now position them in your document so it looks like her fingers are in the sockets.

I added a slight glow around the edges for a bit of shadow and I used perspective on the bottom left outlet. You can just leave them as is if you want though. I know the top outlet is kind of big if you are going for realism but the whole point is to make her look shocked anyway.

So on to the electricity stage. You may have seen some tutorials on lightning in photoshop, its actually really easy to create. If you haven’t seen a tutorial on lightning i’ll show you the main two ways I know of to create it.

First the lightning coming out of the sockets where her fingers are.

Get your rectangle marquee tool out

Use it to select the top half of our canvas, not quite half, but right below her elbow.

Start a new layer

Now grab your gradient tool

Choose a linear gradient from black to white and pull your gradient from left to right in the selection. You should get this

Now go to filter>>render>>difference clouds

Now You should have this

Now hit control+I on your keyboard to invert the image, you should get this

Next hit control+L on your keyboard to bring up your levels

Drag your middle arrow and left arrow to the right until you get your desired result, here is mine

Set that layers blending mode and then position it so it looks like its coming out of the socket.

Now do the same thing for the other socket

OK now we will make some lightning to cover her with

Start a new layer, fill it with the color black then go to filter>>render>>clouds. Then go to filter>>render>>difference clouds. Invert it again and use your levels. Set it to screen yet again.

Now you won’t have this excess lightning if you had a white background but I made the background a light gray to fit this site I am doing the tutorial for.

So if you have excess lightning take a soft eraser brush and erase the parts you don’t want.

Now I am going to do the lightning again to add more. You can do this as many times as you want to get your desired result.

Next lets make her even more surprised she got shocked… Click on the layer with
the girl in it and then go to filter>>liquefy. If you don’t have this tool then
you will have to skip this step sorry!

Zoom in on the image and choose the bloat tool

Set the brush size to around 22 and click once in each of her eyes a couple times to make them look extra big

Then grab your very first tool in your liquefy mode called the forward warp tool.

Get a 40px brush and pull her chin down a bit to make it look more crazy.

Now zoom in on her face and head area.

Grab your smudge tool

Choose the 27px soft brush and set the strength to 55%. Drag upwards around the hair to make it look like it is standing up.

Next grab your burn tool.

In range choose shadows and leave exposure at 100 percent. Go around and make burn marks where the lightning hits her clothes and also some on her skin.

Ok that is about all the final touches on her, now on to the electric outlets. Use the burn tool on them as well.

Now I am going to add some smoke coming out of the outlets, out of her ears, and just around her in general. To do this I will use a regular brush set to scatter and make black dots around certain areas. Start a new layer.

I will demonstrate with her ears.

Now take your smudge tool like we did with the hair and smudge the dots to look like smoke. You can keep the same smudge tool settings as before.

Now I will ad smoke to the rest of the document

I am almost done with this, for some final touches I am going to duplicate the image of the girl a few times, moving them into different position and setting to low opacities to make her look really shocked.

For another touch i’ll add a little fire to the outlets.

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