Create a Realistic Speaker in Photoshop

I am going to run you through some simple steps using some shapes and blending options to create a realistic looking speaker for you to use in projects.

First start a 500X550 document.

Then create a circle in the middle of your canvas using whatever color you want because we will be changing that in blending options.

Now add these blending options to it:

Outer Glow

Gradient Overlay

Here is what you should have

Now in a new layer grab your ellipse shape tool and create a circle in the middle of the other one.

Next add this blending option to this layer:

Gradient Overlay

Then click on your actual gradient and put thes settings like this

Now you should have something like this

And create another new layer and we are yet again going to use the ellipse shape tool to create a circle within our previous one. Use the color white for this one and create it like this

The reason we used white is so you can actually see the circle, instead of trying to use black.

Add these blending options to that

Color Overlay

Use the color black

Inner Glow

Here is what I have after that

Start a new layer and guess what we are creating another circle!

Use a mid-gray color I am using #5b5b5b.

Here is what I have

Next add this gradient overlay to the new circle

Add a little noise the the shape by going to filter>>noise>>ad noise and use these settings

Start a new layer above that and create a small circle in the middle of that one that will be the cone of the speaker

Add these blending options to that

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay


And here is my final outcome

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