Create a Poster for Earth Day 2010

Even though Earth Day is on April 22nd I thought I would start early and show you some ways to make a really creative Earth Day poster to spread the word about the event.

First here are the resources I will use for this tutorial:

First I will create a new document 550X1038px because that is the size that fits
on the site I am putting this tutorial on. Also make the background white

This also gives enough room for the plants I will add in the image to fit.

After that I am going to open the image of the guys head and remove the background from the image using the pen tool. You can use other methods that work as well.

Drag it into your new document

Next open the image of the soil and cut it out of its background too. This one is easier to cut out because you can use the magic wand tool.

Also erase the plant coming out of the top because we just want the soil

There is one piece of the plan still showing in the soil and I will get rid of that with the clone stamp tool.

So zoom in with ctrl+ and pick your clone stamp tool

Once you are zoomed in hit the alt key and click somewhere below the plant

When you hit alt the cursor will turn into a little bulls eye but I cannot show
you this in the screen cap. I will use around 32px soft brush.

Now paint away the leaf

The soft brush left a little blurry spot on the top where we got rid of the plant so I will use my eraser brush and choose a jagged eraser to erase the blurry spot.

Once that is complete drag your soil into the canvas with our guys head.

With the soil layer selected hit the keyboard shortcut ctrl+t to transform it and while holding down shift size the soil down to fit over his head better.

You notice the white spots and the extra soil not on his head on the left. So now use a jagged eraser brush to erase off the white spots and the extra soil not on his head.

Since I can see part of his head showing behind the soil I am going to duplicate
the head layer and hide one for backup then on the other I will erase the part
of his head that can be seen behind the soil.

I am not totally satisfied with how the soil looks so I will clone stamp some
back in certain areas. Mainly the part I circled in the next screen cap.

You might want to duplicate your soil layer and hide one for backup in case you mess up that layer by trying the stamp tool.

Here is what I ended up with

Now I want to add some touches of the soil falling on to his head and to also make his forehead a little dirty.

To do this I will use a regular brush set to scatter.

For your foreground color choose a dark brown and for your background color choose
a light brown.

Now bring up your brush settings by going to window>>brushes in your top menu bar.

Choose these settings after that window pops up

You need to key in the number 4.

Create a new layer above the others and pain dabs at a time around the bottom part of the soil to see the dirty effect.

Next open the grass image and cut out the top of the grass because we don’t want the vase in the image.

Drag the grass into the poster and size it down like before to fit over the soil.

I don’t want all that grass in there, just some of it so I am going to use a #60 eraser brush to erase parts of it and also make sure to erase parts on the bottom of the grass so it looks like its in the soil.

I also added the dirty effect again over top of of the grass in spots.

Next I added some flowers the same way I added the grass and also added the dirty effect yet again.

The next thing I will do is add some bugs to the image. I will not go through this step since its basically the same concept as the flowers.

Now I am going to add some text to the top in the space left over in the image. I had a cool idea for this, I decided to write, “Think Green or BECOME GREEN”. Might not be the catchiest phrase around but I just wanted to give you some ideas.

For this text though I want to make it stand out more and keep the nature/earth
theme of this tutorial.

You will need to download this image of green leaves with water drops on them. I don’t recall where I downloaded this image but it will look good for this tutorial.

So download this image…

Now grab your text tool and type some text similar to mine using whatever font
you want

Once you are done with that highlight both layers and hit duplicate

Then merge the layers together by using the shortcut ctrl+e. Now you can hide the other text layers for backup. The reason we did this is so that the text is one layer.

Next drag the image of the wet leaves in the document and place it under the text. This is a huge image so size it down to fit the text how you want.

Here is how I fit mine under it

With the wet leaves layer selected in your palette hold down ctrl and click on the preview icon on the left of the text layer we just merged together. I will put a red circle around what I am calling the “preview icon”

If you do this method correctly you will see a dotted selection around the text on
your canvas.

With this selection made and make sure you are on the wet leaves layer use ctrl+x to cut the portion out of it and ctrl+v to paste it back in and you should be left with a cutout in the shape of your text. Move that layer above your black text and you can do a little shadow effect.

That is about it, I added the earth day logo on the left and I am done.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you got some good ideas from this tutorial!

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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