Create A Piece Of Tape

One really cool way to add some real world looks to some of your Photoshop pieces to to actually create something from the real world. Here in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a piece of clear tape.

Step 1

Lets create a new document that is 300×300 at 72 dpi. Once its created, fill the background with black. Create a new layer .

Next use your "Marquee" tool to draw a rectangle. The rectangle can be any size really. Its going to be a piece of tape so I’m assuming you kind of have an idea the size of a piece of tape.

CTRL+D (win) / COMMAND+D (mac) to deselect.

Step 2
Next zoom in (Z) to one of the edges of the rectangle. Using the "Polygonal" lasso, to give the edge an uneven look. Tape always has rough looking edges, so here we are going to recreate this.

Once you have your selection made, delete that end.

Rinse and repeat with the other side.

Step 3

Well now, we pretty have the piece of tape. Lets first before we finish it up, add a few "Layer Effects" to it so it will stand out a bit when we "tape" something down.

Once those settings are applied, changed the layer "Opacity" to 50%.

There you have you piece of tape. Now find something to tape down and you notice more how it looks like a piece of tape. Easy enough to do, right?


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