Create a Mother Nature Icon with Reflection

In this short and quick tutorial I will show beginners how to make a simple icon with a corner peeled down and a reflection.

Start a 300X300px document

Make a rounded square in the middle of the canvas with the radius of 10px. Don’t fill up the entire canvas.

Add these layer styles to the box:


Color Overlay

Inner Glow

Now duplicate your layer so you have a backup

Just hide our original layer.

Create a new layer above that and drag that layer below or layer 1 copy.

Select your top layer and merge it down with the blank layer by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+e

When you do this it will get rid of your blending options so its an editable image.

Next get your polygon lasso tool

Pick a corner you want to make look like it is peeling off and cut it out. I will pick the top left corner

Cut that out with ctrl+x and paste it back in your document with ctrl+v

Once you paste it back in, rotate it 180 degrees. With that layer chosen hit ctrl+t on your keyboard to transform it, right click on it and hit rotate 180 degrees.

Now you should have something like this

This isn’t right though, because if it was a sticker the back of it would not be the same as the front, so I will change this.

Hold down ctrl and click on the icon beside the layer and a selection should be made around the shape. Create a new layer and fill it with black.

Then add this gradient overlay to it

It will need a shadow since its folded over the shape. So do the same method we just did (hold down ctrl+click on the layer) then create a new layer and fill it with black again.

Add a gaussian blur to that by going to filter>>blur>>gaussian blur with these settings

After you do that use your keyboard arrows to move the shadow out from behind the corner and make the opacity 45%.

Now mine looks like this

Next I will add a rain drop to the icon by using the shape tool in photoshop.

So choose the raindrop

I added some little touches to the drop that you can see in this image

To make a reflection underneath select all your layers and duplicate all of them. Then merge them together as one image.

After that rotate it 180 degrees and drag it below the layer.

Next add a layer mask to the layer by going to Layer>>Layer Mask>>Reveal All or by clicking the little icon on the bottom of your layer’s palette.

Once you do that grab your gradient tool and drag from top to bottom and you should get something like this

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