Create a Holiday Card with Snowman

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to draw up your own festive Christmas holiday card in Photoshop. The card includes a nice background, snowman, snow-covered trees and snowy landscape, and some beautiful snowflakes.
finished christmas card - Photoshop Tuturial

1. Background

First of all create a new document to make your card inside of. Realisticly, you’d go and measure another card to see what size you should make it in mm, but for this tutorial we’ll just be using pixels for practise. I used a size of 500 x 600 pixels and a standard DPI.
For your background, brush in with a large, soft brush some dark blues.
brush colors - Photoshop Tuturial
Lastly for my background, I added Filter > Noise > Add Noise with an amount of about 1.5.

2. Ground Snow

Next create a wavy selection with the Pen Tool at the bottom of the document.
Create a new layer then fill the path will white (#ffffff)
snow ground - Photoshop Tuturial
Make the selection again by holding ctrl and clicking the layer’s thumbnail. Now on a new layer add in some black brushing.
black brushing - Photoshop Tuturial
After you did some soft brushing there, lower the opacity for the layer to about 20%.
lowered opacity - Photoshop Tuturial
Repeat the brushing thing at the bottom of the snow, then with white in the middle area.
snow brushing - Photoshop Tuturial

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