Create a High Quality Sports Advertisement

This easy tutorial will show you how to take a few stock images and turn them into a high quality sports advertisement.

Here are the pictures I will use.

Next open up the basketball picture in photoshop.

Duplicate the layer and hide the previous one so you have a backup in case you mess up.

Hide the previous layer and on your new layer remove the clouds and sky any means you know how… I will use the pen tool.

It doesn’t have to be perfect here is what I have

Duplicate that layer and add noise by going to filter>>noise>>add noise with these settings:

Then go to filter>>render>>difference clouds

Add overlay to that layer to get a nice effect.

Choose these colors as your foreground and background

Create a new layer above that and fill with the orange color

Then go to filter>>sketch>>halftone pattern

Use these settings:

Flip that layer horizontally then duplicate it so it fits across the entire canvas

Now go to filter>>distort>>polar coordinates

Drag that layer below your others and cut the bottom half off and drag it above your
other layers.

Unhide the layer of our original image and drag it above all the other layers. Add a difference cloud to it and noise then set it to overlay. Set its opacity at about 80%.

Set the bottom half of your halftone pattern to darken and its opacity to about 30%.

Cut out your soccer player, I used the pen tool yet again and place him on your canvas and size him down.

Duplicate your soccer player layer. Change your foreground and background colors
back to the original black and white. Hold down ctrl+click on the little icon
beside your new layer and it should make a selection around him. Then add clouds
and noise.

Set that layer to color burn and you should have something like this

Now I will add some grunge effect just by using default photoshop brushes. Grab this brush:

Choose black as your color and make some random streaks on your canvas

Now grab a darker red color and make some more streaks around the same places you put the black ones.

Now add some text to the bottom left for a web address.. I made up and made it glow white.

Now I am going to add some text on the left of the soccer player that says, “the battle, who will win?”… or something to that effect. Make up whatever you want.

The text I used was Berlin Sans FB.

Make a layer behind the text and use the same brush we did before to make some streaks that look kind of like underlines.

Then choose some colors of your liking for both text parts. I chose some colors that matched what I have and then I used a brush to erase parts of the text to make them look grungy.

Here is my final advertisement:

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