Create A Header For A Website

First you’ll want to create your document, make it 700×75. You can go ahead and make the background black or whatever background color you use for your site.

Next, grab your rectangle marquee tool and make box about the size of half the document.

Here you will want to fill in the marquee with a color this similar to the background of the document. So just click on the Set <bold>Foreground Color Tool</bold> . Use the color slider to choose color thats within the same range, only lighter (or darker depending on your background color).

Your document should look like this:

Create a new layer.Then, grab your Pen Tool . Make your first mark where I have it circled below

Then take the Pen Tool and make a second selection like the picture below. When you click down, hold down the mouse key and curve the line like in the picture

Right click on the line, and click on Stroke Path. Click Ok, and once the path is set, hit the delete key twice to remove the path.

Next click on Blending Options, and go to Gradient Overlay. Depending on what colors you used, you want your line to be the similar color. Here’s the setting I used for this particular color pattern.

Then under Blending Options, click on inner Shadow, use the settings below. This will help to make sure the line doesn’t look so jagged. You may also add a small drop shadow to help make the line distinct as well.

Copy the Layer, and then flip it horizontally. Then drag the new layer to the other side of the header and make sure they line up evenly. Your header should look like this…

The next step is to select the rounded rectangle tool, as we’re going to start on the part of the header that will house your logo, company name etc. Create a rectangle shape about this size.

Then fill the rectangle shape with white. The first blending option wer’re going to throw on there is an Emboss. Use the settings below

Then add a satin blend with the settings here

From here on out, it’s up to you to decide what you want to add to your header. Throw in some cool looking font, or a logo for your company

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