Create A Header Banner

In one post I used a banner to show off some free photoshop plugins. I thought you might like to know how I created it. It only took five minutes.


Click to get the full image.

‘Clubland’ Font (Search it on


Lets get the basic stuff out the way. First create a document 500px by 75px, set the background to transparent.

Now to the proper stuff!

1. Select the text tool and type in the text you want, I used Free Photoshop Plugins. Make sure its a nice orange color so it blends in with the blue smoke. Heres a screenshot.

Make sure its in the clubland font, 48pt bold.

2. After you’ve done that, load the smoke picture up into a new layer. Select the transform tool or M. Resize it to this screenshot about…

3. Apply the changes and now set the blending options of the text to these screenshots:

Pattern can be made here, VERY VERY easy to create!

4. Enter quick mask mode, select the rectangle tool, radius 7px and draw a rectangle around the whole canvas. Now exit the quick mask mode select each layer and press DELETE.

5. Save it as a .PNG and your done! You could add a gloss if you want (: Any questions, just comment!

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