Create A Gaming Signature

Today, we’re going to create a cool looking custom signature for a video game website. I’m going to use the game, de Blob as an example. First, create a document 500×80, with the settings below. Take your marquee tool and grab the entire layer, right click and give it a stroke. Make it one pixel, and black. Your document should look like this.

The first step is the easiest of the tutorial. We’re going to create a custom brush so that when we add graffiti to the background, it looks right. Switch to your brush tool , then click on the custom brushes button . Below is the settings for the custom brush.

Brush Tip Shape

Shape Dynamics


Dual Brush

Other Dynamics

Click on Wet Edges

Ok, the next step is completely left up to you. Just go crazy on the back ground, making random paint strokes with different colors. Here’s an example down below

The next step will be adding the title to the signature. I had to use two seperate images for each part of the title, “de” and “Blob”. If you can find an image where both are usable then that would be best. Using the marquee tool, extract both words and drag them to your image.

You should have this now

Now, merge the layers (Ctrl+E)

Next, add a Outer Glow with the properties below

Next I’m going to add some cool extras, you can really go wherever you want with this. Here’s my final product.

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