Create a Fun Birthday Card

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a fun, card in Photoshop. Everything you see below, including the background, text, starfish, and balloons is explained in the tutorial!

result image - photoshop

1. The Patterns

Background Pattern

First thing to do is make the background pattern for the birthday card.
First open a new document in Photoshop, I used 40×20 pixels.
Now fill the background with #345877.
filled background
First create a new layer, then get the Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular marquee tool icon and set the selection style to Fixed Size with 20 pixels as the width, set anything as the height.
rectangular marquee tool options
Make the selection in the far left of your document, then fill it with white (#FFFFFF)
filled with white - adobe photoshop tutorial
Now make the selection in the far right and fill it with black (#000000)
filled with black
Set the layer mode for that layer to Soft Light and lower the opacity to around 50%.
layer mode and opacity change - adobe photoshop tutorial
Merge the Background and main layer together, then apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with the following settings:
filter noise options - photoshop
This is my final result for the background pattern:
background result
To make your image into a pattern, select your document (CTRL+A) and go into the edit menu, click define pattern and give it a name.

Other Patterns

I used these patterns in my tutorial in varous places.
Pattern 1:
pattern 1  - adobe photoshop tutorial
Pattern 2:
pattern 2

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