Create a Floating Menu in Photoshop

I am going to show you an easy way to get a stunning floating menu effect you can use for a website.


I am going to make the canvas pretty large for this project to show you exactly how you could use this for a site. All of my screenshots will be sized smaller, but I will provide a link to view a larger version.

So I will start off with an 800X600px canvas and make the background a dark blue color. I used #002F3F.

Here is a color sample:

Now I am going to add 3 guides to my canvas so my menu is sized well. In my version of photoshop go to view>>new guide>> click horizontal and key in your size.

My first guide is at 70px horizontal, 2nd guide is 85px and 3rd guide is 100px.

Start a new layer and grab your rectangle marquee tool or your rectangle tool. Fill up the top space in between the guides with the color black:


Go into your blending options on that layer and use these settings for the gradient overlay:

The two colors used are: #296491 and #95C3CF

Ok, do the same thing as in the last step, except fill in the bottom portion of the guides with black as well and choose these settings for the gradient overlay:

The two color used are: #000000 and 00415F

You should have something like this so far:


By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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