Create a Custom Video Player

If you have a website that has a video service, then you might want to create your own video player. Many times it’s because you can have it embedded on other sites, and would be nice to have one that stands out. So, today we’re going to create a design for a custom video player.

First, we’re going to make our video player wide screen so create a document that’s 400×300.

Next, we’re going to create the background of the video player. Grab your rounded rectangle tool, and create a shape with the following settings.

Make sure the background covers the screen. I created mine as a PNG file, so there’s transparency.

Next, we’re going to create the border that the video will rest between. So, grab your rectangle marquee tool and draw a box that nears the edges of the player. Then drag in an image you want as a place holder for a video.

Now, let’s make the play button that will rest on top of the video. Grab your circle marquee tool, and make a button in the center of the video. Using these options.

Then, create a second button that sits inside the larger one. Use both of these blending options, one is a gradient overlay and one’s bevel and emboss:

And finally for the button, we’re going to add the ‘play’ triangle. Grab your polygon lasso tool and create a triangle resembling a play button. Then add this blending option:

Finally, for the video area I dropped in a closed caption option. You’ll want this for your hearing impaired visitors.

Now, we’re going to create the timeline. Grab your rectangle marquee tool, and make a small and thin rectangle that spans the video screen. Give it a 1px stroke. Now we’re going to create the progress box that can be slide around to different points in the video. Grab your rectangle marquee tool yet again, and create a small rectangle on the left side of the progress bar. Use this blending option:

You should have this by now:

Let’s add the final touches. To give people more play options, let’s create a button below the progress par. Use the circle marquee tool and fill it with white. Then create another play arrow, giving it this blending option:

From here add what you wish. I always thought a good idea for advertising is give a specific portion of your player some ad space. So I made a quick ad to show you the idea:

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