Create a Custom Action in Photoshop

Whether you know it or not photoshop has a really handy feature called actions. With these you can create an action to automate a task you want to do in photoshop. This will allow you to save time on a mundane task that you need or have to do over and over. I am going to show you how to use actions by making a custom 3D Box action that will create a 3D box. This tutorial will walk you through how to create, use, and save actions.

First you want to make sure that you have your actions palette showing in photoshop so go to window>>actions in your photoshop menu. If it is checked then you should see it already, if not, check it.

Next we need to create a new action set. On your action palette click the little
arrow at the top right and click on “New Set”, then in the window that pops up,
name it 3D Box or whatever you want.

Now you should have a new action set in your palette called “3D Box”.

Now we are going to add an actual action to the set. The first action I want is one that will actually start a new file, pick the canvas size, make the background transparent, and add a guide to the canvas.

Yes you can actually make that happen in one step! But we have to run through the steps first to make it happen.

To make the action click on the little arrow again and go to “New Action” or click on the little “New Action” icon:

Once you click action name it “New File” or whatever you like, then go through the steps you would normally do.

Make sure you have your 3D Box action set chosen:

After you name your action photoshop will start recording. Now go through these steps:

File>>New with these settings:

Then make a new layer and make your background transparent by clicking the little eye beside your background layer.

Now add a 75px vertical guide to the canvas by going to view>>new guide and set it to 75px:

Now click the stop button at the bottom of your action palette:

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