Create a Cool Signature (Flare Tag Example)

Today I’ll show you how to make this signature :

First of all, make a new document [ File > New ]. I have used 400 by 123. Now find a stock and bring It intro the canvas:

Copy the stock layer and do [ Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur ]. Now erase the main render and leave the rest blurred.

Copy the stock, cut out a piece of it, and then move the piece somewhere around the girl’s face.

Add your stock (don’t re-size it) and then take your erase tool and erase with splatter brushes. Set the layer to Lighten.

Do the same as the last step, but this time use another brush to erase:

Once again.

And again, but now lower also the opacity to 46%.

Now add another stock. Erase again and set it to lighten.


Add a new stock and set it to darken. Erase the parts you don’t like and move it to the left side of the tag.

Again, but now place it on the right side.

Add another stock, set it to Lighten and erase the parts you don’t like.

Add gradient map :

Leave at normal

Add selective color:

Leave at normal:

Add a gradient map:

Set to soft light at 15% opacity.

Add gradient map :

Set to soft light at 15% opacity.

Make a new layer and fill it with black [ Edit > Fill ], then make a dot by using a soft round brush where you want your lighting. Set the layer to linear dodge.

Apply image on a new layer [ Image > Apply Image ], then take your burn tool and make some parts darker.

And again :

Add a gradient map :

Set to soft light at 10% opacity.

Take your sharpen tool and by using a soft round brush make some parts of the tag a bit sharpened.

Take your blur tool and blur some parts of the tag, lower the opacity of the layer to 55%.

Add gradient fill :

Set to soft light.

Add selective color :

Leave it at normal.

Now you’re done, I hope you like your outcome and that you have learned something new.

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