Create A Cool Shield/Crest

Step 1 – Create and open a document with these settings:

Picture 1

Step 2 – Here is where it’s kind of hard to ‘tell’ you what to do. Basically take your pen tool Pen Tool, and create a triangle shape. Then take your ‘Add Anchor Point’ Tool Anchor Point , here you’ll need to stretch the lines out from the various three points, until you have a curved shape like this:

Picture 2

Step 3- Create a new layer. Next, switch to the Paths palette. Then click on the left button that the very bottom. Fill in the path with any color. Then press the delete button, twice and you’ll transform the path into your new layer.

Picture 3

Step 4 – Then take your new layer, and create a new copy of it. Then go the menu bar and click Edit>>Transform>>Flip Horizontal. Press Ctrl+E to merge the layers together. Your image should look something like this:

Picture 4

Step 5 – Here is a large, and significant step. Just add the layer styles below:

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Step 6 – Next, take the layer, and make a copy. Fill it with any color so you can differentiate it from the other shield layer. Then shrink it down so it fits inside the bottom shield layer. It should look like this.

Picture 9

Step 7 – Add the layer styles I have down below

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Step 8 – Press Ctrl+Click the Top Shield layer, to select it. Then select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) (tool picture), create a new layer, and make the shape below.

Picture 13

which will give you this..

Picture 14

Fill the layer with white, and set the opacity to 50%, the voila you’ve made a shield or crest. You can put any logo in that you want at this point.

Picture 15

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