Create a Band Gig Flyer

In this tutorial I will show you how to use some simple photoshop techniques to create a unique band flyer to advertise an upcoming gig.

Here is a version without the motion blur:

First I will start a new document set to the size of 438X563px.

Create a new layer and fill it with a brownish color, I am using #a98131.

Add noise by going to filter>>noise>>add noise with these settings:

Then go to filter>>artistic>>paint daubs with these settings:

You should have a slightly checker board effect.

Now get your rounded rectangle tool and create a rounded rectangle of 20px in a new layer that covers most of the area leaving some of the other layer visible.

Create a new layer above that and still using your rounded rectangle tool make another rounded rectangle leaving some of the white one visible. Use whatever color you want because we will add a gradient overlay to it.

In your blending options add this gradient overlay to it:

I want to add some texture to the document so download this crinkled paper

Open that image and drag it in your document and size it down to fit over our green rounded rectangle

Hold down ctrl and click on the icon beside our green rectangle layer to make a selection around it.

Use ctrl+x to cut out the part and get rid of the excess. Then paste it back in and place it over top of the green rounded rectangle.

Set that layer to multiply and you should have something like this

Next start a new layer and I am going to add a burst in the middle that covers the whole document. So reset your colors back to default and with white chosen fill your layer then go to filter>>sketch>>halftone pattern and use these settings:

Now that should look like this

Now rotate the layer 90 degrees either way so the lines are vertical

Stretch the layer to cover all of the canvas then go to filter>>distort>>polar coordinates and use these settings:

Set the layers opacity to about 9 percent and here is what I have

Next I will add a picture of a girl holding a sign.

So download this picture

Open the image in photoshop and cut her out of the white background with whatever way you like best. You can probably just use your magic wand tool.

Then place her in the image, size her down, and put her toward the bottom right like this

Then in your blending options add an 8px white stroke around her.

Duplicate that layer then merge your previous layer down with an empty layer to make it editable without the blending options present. Also hide your other girl layer that is above that for later use.

Then make it black and white by using the shortcut ctrl+shift+u for desaturation.

We want to make her more cartoonish so go to filter>>artistic>>poster edges and use these

After that you should have something similar to this:

Now unhide your other girl layer which is our original image with the white stroke around it and set its blending mode to linear dodge.

Now you should have a cool cartoonish effect

I want to make the sign look a little grungy so I will use some brushes to make some green splatters on it in a new layer.

Then on that layer go to filter>>pixelate>>pointillize and use these settings

My result from that looks like this

Next I will add some font to the sign and use whatever you want I used viner hand ITC. I also added a whit stroke around the font and a slight green glow.

Then I added more text to the top left and bottom left. I chose the font awaken which is a cool looking font I have, but it isn’t free :(. So maybe you can find a nice free font that looks good to place in these spots.

I also added a slight green glow around them as well. Also I made up a band name randomly called kickface. If that is a real band name let me know.

Then I took this picture of new york that I cut out

Place it in the image and use the same effects as on our girl in the poster

Almost done. I think it needs some bright orange, red, and yellow colors to really pop so I am going to use this brush

Set to scatter and make orange, yellow, and red colors randomly in a layer below the
girl and the city

Now use the pointillize filter again with these settings:

Now add some motion blur to that and we are done!

Here is my final outcome:

Here is a version without the motion blur:

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