Crashlytics Coming To Mac OS X

Last year, Twitter acquired Crashlytics, a reporting tool for mobile app crashes. The company has kept the service alive as promised. The co-founders said at the time that development would continue, and it has.

Crashlytics announced that it is expanding beyond iOS and Android apps, and into Mac apps. Apparently they’ve had a lot of requests for a solution that supports both iOS and Mac. This is their answer.

In a post on the Crashlytics blog (via TNW), co-founder Wayne Chang writes:

At Crashlytics, our passion has always been to deliver the most powerful developer tools, so that you only need to focus on building awesome apps. Even after opening access to our Beta Distribution service in February, we managed to have a little downtime and kept ourselves busy experimenting in Crashlytics Labs. Now, we’re excited to announce our latest Labs project: Crashlytics for OS X.

Our new support for OS X apps provides the same award-winning experience that you’ve come to expect from us, starting with the seamless install experience to the actionable insights, down to the exact line of code that caused your Mac app to crash. With easy-to-digest stack traces and an upgraded settings dashboard, you can seamlessly manage all your apps under one roof. We’ve been privately testing our Mac support with hundreds of developers, and we’re very thankful to everyone who’s given us feedback.

The company says it will continue to enhance the current functionalities.

Earlier this year, Crashlytics launched a beta app distribution tool.

Image via Crashlytics

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