Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman

Now it’s time to say goodbye – My last session of the day entitled Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman, highlights effective conversion tools and solutions that you can use for your website t0 fix conversion issues.

Speakers for this session include:

Tim Ash, CEO, (@tim_ash)

Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board and NYTimes Bestselling Author, (@thegrok)

My baby is ugly (website) (Ash)

5 Amazing Conversion Tools


Type – In page web analytics

Key features:

  • Mouse heatmaps (where users are focusing on the page)
  • Click confetti (where users clicked on the page)
  • Link click overlay

Pricing – $19 month


Type – In page web analytics & user monitoring

Conversion Applications:

  • How far do they scroll
  • Do they reach the bottom of the page
  • What form fields are commonly left blank

The conversion report is more granular than web analytics

Pricing – $99 month


Type- Cross browser testing

Key features:

  • Test different OS, Browser, application combinations
  • Pay by the minute for screenshots or live testing
  • Measures different operating systems
  • Measures different resolutions

Pricing – $19.95 month


Helps design interactive UI mockups for desktop software, rich internet apps and websites.

Key Feature:

  • Makes it clear what you’re supposed to do on a page

Pricing -FREE

Attention Wizard

Type- Simulated Visual attention tool

Key features:

  • Creates “attention heatmaps” of web pages
  • Works with live and mocked-up desgin
  • No actual page visitors required

Get rid of visual distractions and keep it simple for users to know where to navigate

“If it doesn’t pass the attention test, you’ll lose big time,” says Ash.

Pricing – $27 month

Free Optimization Tools (Eisenberg)

Tools and their process

  • The tool- Insights, creating pages, personalization
  • The people- management, creative execution
  • The process- planning and creating new ads & content

56.8 billion dollars will be spent this year on generating website traffic, but only 2-3% of visitors will acually convert.

Companies typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 of it converts.

Don’t do slice and dice optimization

It’s not about WHAT, but WHY! Sure, fine tuning will help on a minimal scale, but you need to focus on the issue at hand – the WHOLE page. That being said, 48%  of people think they have no control over optimization – they’re not putting forth the effort. 61% of people do less than 5 tests per month – Again, not putting forth the effort

You NEED Quantitative Analysis

  1. Form analytics (You want to know what users are doing on your site)
  2. Voice of customers (Are they satisfied)
  3. Call tracking (Track calls by keyword)
  4. Speed check (increase the speed of your site)
  5. Smush those graphics (Removes unnecessary bytes from images)
  6. Using video for products
  7. User testing PPC test- Usability testing
  8. Get premise– WordPress landing page tool
  9. Free behavioral targeting- Target segmentation possibilities
  10. Testing with Google website optimizer
  11. Testing for low traffic websites
  12. Optimizely– Make simple A/B edits
  13. Monetate– Test target and personalized edits

Top 5 of 2010

Badging (As seen on TV) – Conversion impact as high as 55%

Message consistency (All the way through conversion) – Average conversion improvement range 5%-20%

Tax free (Geocentric) – Conversion improvement as high as 12%

International (Ship outside of the U.S.) – Conversion improvement as high as 100%

Email Acquisition (Subscribe) – Acquisition improvement as high as 1000%


By Justin Champion

Justin Champion joined Search Mojo in December 2010 as a Sales Consultant. Justin assists companies in deciding their search marketing needs. He works closely with Search Mojo's partners as well as prospective clients to determine each company's individual search engine marketing goals and devises a fitting solution. Justin graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Mass Communications with a Strategic Advertising concentration.