Content Experiments API Added To Google Analytics

Google announced today that is launching a Content Experiments API for Google Analytics. This is a tool developers can use to test site content with programmatic optimization, and turn Google Analytics into an A/B testing platform.

“By utilizing our multi-armed bandit approach, you can maximize results by efficiently determining which assets on your site perform best to offer an improved experience for users,” says Russell Ketchum from Google’s Analytics team. “Multi-armed bandit experiments are powerful and efficient tools and with the new Content Experiments API, you can get even more from them.”

“The Content Experiments API allows you to pick and choose from all the testing functionality Google Analytics has to offer and to combine it into powerful solutions that best fit your particular needs,” adds Ketchum.

This includes testing changes to content without redirects, testing items sever-side (like the result set of a database query), testing with your own variation selection logic and using Google Analytics for reporting, and testing in non-web environments using measurement protocol.

You can find documentation for the API here.

Google launched Content Experiments in Google Analytics about a year ago, replacing Google Website Optimizer.


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By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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