CMS - Content Management System

As of 2008 there are more projects coming to the internet scene everyday.  Including many new forums and cms’s, the competition gets bigger every year!

Whats dbCMS?

dbCMS is a new content manage system that was started May 08.  The creators of Deep Beta are Lujasz Lwanski ( Main dbCMS PHP Developer ) and Pawal Juchim.  There is a live demo of system, which will be linked later at the bottom of this article, thats usable but still needs some work.  Despiting the design, I think the administration panel is well desigend and set up.  Looks like they might not meet the due date (Oct 31, 2008), but if they do the better to them.  Good luck dbCMS team!

Check out the live demo:  [ dbcms live demo ]

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