Chrome Drops the http://

Google has made a change to the developer version of Chrome, which removes the “http://” from the URL field, and developers are not exactly thrilled about this.

Thom Holwerda at OS News, who points this out, notes, “For a while now, Mobile Safari has been doing something similar, although I do think in that case, it’s about saving space. On Mobile Safari, the scheme is hidden until you tap the URL field to edit. The developer version of Google Chrome takes this a step further, and omits the scheme completely. Bug reports were filed, and in true internet fashion, discussion ensued.”

As an example of that discussion, and the disdain for this change, user mhaisley in a Google Code thread says, “This is a bad change and should be reverted.  This is Google using market share to force a change that doesn’t comply with relevant standards.”

“A few things need to be made clear about Chrome’s implementation of this feature,” says Holwerda. “The first thing that jumped into my mind was this: some applications, whether they be web or real ones, actually require you to add the scheme (for instance, to autoparse URLs). Google claims to have solved this issue by adding the scheme to your clipboard when you copy and paste URLs from the URL field, however, this behaviour is currently broken in many clipboard implementations. Another thing that you should be wondering about now is what they do with other schemes like ftp, https,  and gopher. The solution here is decidedly simple: those will still be shown.”

Read the ongoing discussion at Google Code here.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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