Chick Riding A Chicken

You know you want to know how to make this…

1.) Open the picture of the Rooster. Set your pen tool to “Paths” Begin to outline the head. Once your completed with that… right click in the middle and choose “make selection…” and hit enter.

2.) Open up your image of the girl riding the horse and drag the rooster head over… position the head accordingly… and be sure to resize it by hitting “CTRL + T”.

3.) Set the head layer to “Invisible” by click the “Eye” icon beside it in your Layers window.

4.) Now we are going to begin working on the horse image. Select the “Clone Stamp Tool (S)… Hold CTRL and click on an area parallel to the area your going to be working on. Begin to Clone out the horse head until you have something that resembles the following.

5.) Now we are ready to begin the blending of the head. Set the head layer to “Visible”. Take down the opacity of the layer slightly… maybe 75% or so… just to where you can see the image below it. Select your pen tool and cut away any odd overhangs and make it where the horse neck blends with the chicken neck like the following image. (Note: during this step go ahead and select your “Clone Stamp Tool” again and get some of the feathers further down on the neck… then get your eraser tool… select a brush with a soft edge and set the opacity down a bit and begin to erase up slightly. This will help blend the two images together.)

6.) Now it’s time for the reins… You can do this step one of two ways… 1.) just select your brush tool (B) and set the foreground color to black and draw it out… or 2.) Use the pen tool and draw the shape out. The choice is yours… but make it where it resembles the image below.

7.) Select your pen tool once again and outline the red shit on top of the roosers head… then make the selection. Hit CTRL + C to make a copy of it… paste it into a new layer. Position it just below the original one on the neck… do this again.. get the eraser tool and blend the two layers together until you get something that looks like the following.

8.) Sit back and admire the image of the chick riding a… chicken.

By Jeremy Muncy

Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for

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