Cheaper Macs coming soon

According to AppleInsider, Apple is planning to slash prices on some Macintosh computers, either as a reaction against the current recession or to repudiate Microsoft’s most recent round of Windows commercials.

AppleInsider’s sources state that this move comes in response to netbooks’ rising popularity, and is intended as a stopgap solution until the company can release its media tablet device a device that’s taking longer to develop than anticipated.

The company is planning to reduce prices on both its iMac and MacBook lines. The MacBook is currently the most popular Macintosh computer Apple sells, with the iMac is the most popular desktop model. Both computers are already strong sellers; lower prices will only encourage consumers to keep buying.

Apple indicated that it could reduce the price of the desktop iMac when it announcing special educational pricing earlier this month. According to AppleInsider, the $899 educational iMacs are so considerably cheaper than their consumer counterparts that the company could split the difference and still turn a profit.

Cheaper prices could hit as early as this spring, when Apple is expected to revamp its entire notebook line. Either way, this is an encouraging sign that Apple’s continued success will lead to cheaper consumer products and a further on down the line a the release of the upcoming tablet device.

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