Change Focus of an Image Without a High Powered Camera

In this easy tutorial I will run you through very few steps on how to change the focus of an image you have taken with a regular camera. Basically this will show you how to bring focus to an object you want in an image or take away focus from others you don’t want in the image.

Go from this image

To this image

First download this image

Open the image and duplicate the layer by right clicking on it and choosing “duplicate layer”

On the newly duplicated layer use the lens filter on it by going to filter>>blur>>lens blur

Use settings similar to this

There are other settings I did not include in the screenshot, just leave those at their default level.

Now the image looks blurry

Now drag your layer1 copy down below layer1

So now we have the blurred image below the non-blurred one. Next I am going to add a layer mask to the non-blurred image so I can paint away the part I don’t want so the blurred image will show through.

Add a layer mask by going to layer>>layer mask>>reveal all or clicking the icon at the bottom of your layers palette

Once you do that you will see a layer mask thumbnail beside the thumbnail of the top layer

I am pointing this out just so you know what it looks like when you have added the layer mask to the layer.

Once you have done that grab your brush tool

Now paint the area you want to be out of focus, so for example I will paint everything around the black car

If you mess up just hit x on your keyboard to change your foreground color to white which will allow you to paint the part of the image you messed up back.

I zoomed in the paint the parts around the black car so I did not blur out any of it. Here is what my picture looks like now

You can also do the opposite of that by painting other areas like in other image I made

Well that is all for this tutorial, pretty simple huh? I hope this showed you an easy way to alter your photos in photoshop!

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