Chameleon Car

Here you will learn how to change the paint of your favorite car!!!

Here is the picture we used in Golden Rims Tutorial.

So now that you know how to change the color of the rims, lets try changing the whole car.

Lets get started.

First open up your picture in Photoshop.

Duplicate the car image onto a new layer.

Then go to the menu bar: ImageAdjustmentsHue/Saturation.

Click the Colorize button in the right hand corner first.

Move the sliders to your desired color.

Here is what I selected.

Next we are going to cut out your new car layer to match the original car.
(note: I prefer the polygon lasso tool but you can use the pen or magic wand tool.)

Once you select around the car, Inverse your selection by hitting Ctrl+Shift+I.

Then delete the outside selection.

Now we need to clean up some of the edges, so select the lights, license plate, windshield, etc…

The delete them from the new layer.

Here is what your selected car should look like.

Next select the Blending Options drop down menu in the layers pane. And select Linear Burn.

Here is your new green car.

Now you can add your skills from the Golden Rims Tutorial and make some cool green rims.

There you have it, a Chameleon car.

Here are a few other car colors you can do for fun.

Have fun with it and check out the site for more updates coming soon!!!

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