July 21, 2017

A Tutorial on XML Sitemaps

September 2, 2011 Joe Purcell

Sitemaps are an ingredient that completes a website’s SEO package. They are certainly still relevant, since they ensure content is not overlooked by web crawlers and reduce the resource burden on search engines. Sitemaps are a way to “spoon feed” search engines your content to ensure better crawling. Let’s look […]

In Favor of JSON Over XML

August 9, 2011 Joe Purcell

We have written before advocating XML over JSON and discussed why they can’t be friends. The times are changing and technologies like XML as well as others like MySQL that have been standards for years have to adapt or fail. It is clear that JSON has taken the top of […]

How to Parse Large Files With PHP

July 27, 2011 Joe Purcell

PHP has great tools built in for parsing XML files. SimpleXML is perfect most anything, especially XHR responses, but is too resource intensive for large files. There are no easy solutions for parsing large files, and the major setback to non-DOM parsers is that they require more coding and are […]

An Overview of XML Parsers

July 12, 2011 Joe Purcell

We’ve brought up that XML is a vital skill for developers. Parsing XML is an essential task, but can be a confusing place for beginners. There is no one stop shop for libraries that can handle the creating, editing, parsing, and the like of XML documents. Let’s take a look […]

Microsoft Loses Battle in Custom XML Patent Infringement

June 14, 2011 Joe Purcell

The U.S. Supreme Court determined last Thursday that Microsoft must pay $290 million to i4i for violating its patent. The proceedings began nearly four years ago in 2007 when i4i accused Microsoft of using its patented Custom XML (later called Content Control) technology in Office 2003, 2007, and in Vista. […]

Self-Closing and End Tags in XHTML and HTML

May 24, 2011 Joe Purcell

Correct markup for end tags in XHTML and HTML can get confusing real quick because of all the exceptions and lack of enforcement, as others have pointed out. Wrong markup, such as using XHTML’s self-closing tags, is often corrected by browsers or ignored, as this comment explains. As a concise […]

Multiple Representations Using Mode for XSLT Templates

May 11, 2011 Taylor Gillespie

When transforming an XML document into another format, XSLT provides a clean and portable method to accomplish the translation, and simple template match rules will often suffice to map the source tree onto the result tree. Often, however, some nodes need to be processed twice and represented more than once […]

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