July 21, 2017

Finding Your Way With Sitemaps

November 4, 2011 Kyle Krenbrink

If you don’t know what a sitemap is, or have never created one…read on. A sitemap is a list of the individual pages on your website displayed in a hierarchical fashion similar to a table of contents, or index. They are sometimes used as a planning tool during the developmental […]

Submitting And Creating Your Sitemap

December 31, 2010 Mike Valentine

Google Video Sitemaps tutorial from Mark Robertson of ReelSEO in video form featuring Google video Product Manager Nelson Lee and Google Partner Rep Amy MacIsaac discussing details of best practices and point out the importance of required elements including video:loc and video:player_loc. There are a list of questions (below) that […]

Table Of Contents Of WordPress Tutorials, Helps, Tips and Tricks

December 17, 2009 Staff

As the first official post of this blog, I’m going to show you a useful list about WordPress. If you work with Wordprss, whether as a developer/designer or just a simple blogger, you have probably got confused among hundreds of uncategorized WordPress tutorials. This list that I named it Table […]

9 Top CSS Essential Skills That Every Web designer Should Learn

December 17, 2009 Staff

This post is dedicated to elementary & intermediate CSS learners. If you’re going to learn CSS from scratch, you’ve probably seen a lot of techniques, tricks & tutorials so far. In this post I’ve written my own approach to the most essential CSS skills that every web designer should learn. […]

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