July 21, 2017

New Site Launch Tip: Review Internal Links

January 3, 2016 Stoney De Geyter

Not every page is a landing page. By that I mean that there are likely more than a couple pages on your site that you wouldn’t want to be your first contact with a visitor. Policy and privacy pages come to mind, maybe even a login page. Every site has […]

HTML5 native app development with MoSync Reload

July 20, 2012 Staff

Interested in rapid HTML5 native app development? Here’s a video for developers from MoSync about Reload and explains what is it, how it can help you, and the new features. Mimmis Cleeren (Chief Marketing Officer at MoSync) is interviewing Ali Sarrafi (Product Evangelist at MoSync) about MoSync Reload and its […]

Utilizing The Great Space Of A Web Page

April 11, 2011 John Vinson

“Space, the final frontier”, the words were spoken by Captain Kirk on the sci-fi show Star Trek. Space is something pretty big, and for web designers, just about every successful design comes down to how space is utilized. How does one conquer space, and is there such a thing as […]

Running A Seasonal Website

March 25, 2011 Michael Gray

While running multiple websites isn’t a strategy I recommend for beginners, it is something experienced publishers and SEO’s can do to diversify their income sources. While some people choose to run websites in different niches, another option is to run seasonal websites. If you are going to run seasonal websites, […]

SXSW Session Recap: The Politics Behind HTML 5

March 18, 2011 Gene Smith

I had a great time at this year’s SXSW Conference. Tried to make it out to as many panels as possible. I missed a few due to the distance between campuses and confusion over shuttle buses — see #2 and #7 on Jim’s post. That said, I did make it […]

Keeping SEO In Mind When Planning A Site Redesign

March 11, 2011 Alex Juel

One of the most important things a business owner can do when redesigning their website is to keep their SEO team involved during the redesigning process. The SEO knows the history of the site, knows the site architecture, and the SEO can provide the designers and developers with other tips […]

WordPress.com For Business: Think First!

February 28, 2011 Jim Connolly

WordPress is, in my opinion, the finest blogging software in the world.  Little wonder then, that the vast majority of the world’s top blogs run on Matt Mullenwegg‘s brain child.  It’s the only blogging software I use and the only one I recommend.

Facebook Upgrades Pages For Business

February 14, 2011 John Jantsch

Yesterday Facebook rolled out what amounts to one of the biggest overhauls of the pages offering ever. I for one think the update is a major upgrade for businesses and brands using pages, but I know that app makers, custom page designers and people that have been using their personal […]

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