Creating a Desktop Wallpaper

This is a really cool PhotoShop tutorial I came across on youtube and I thought I would share it here. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a cool desktop wallpaper customized for you. I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I did.

How To create A Vintage Effect

This week’s tutorial shows you how to create a vintage effect to your image in a none destructive way, meaning you will not destroy your original in the process. This effect can be create in most versions of photoshop using some basic and advanced filters. Enjoy!

Video Enhancement SDK Released

Glitches in videos are never good.  Indeed, persistent issues can monopolize a viewer’s attention, causing him or her to worry more about when the next problem will occur than the story or plot.  So a video enhancement SDK that’s been released might be worth a look for developers who deal in these matters. One important… Continue reading Video Enhancement SDK Released

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ComponentOne Offers Tools For Visual Studio

ComponentOne, a provider of third-party development tools supporting Microsoft application platforms, has introduced tools to integrate with the application development and testing process in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Focused on developer productivity, Visual Studio 2010 has new tools for prototyping, modeling, and visual design as well as a single integrated development environment. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise… Continue reading ComponentOne Offers Tools For Visual Studio