July 21, 2017

Xperia Play Developer Training Videos Announced

April 5, 2011 Doug Caverly

Developers who want to make games for the Xperia Play and happen to be visual learners are in luck.  Sony Ericsson has announced the availability of training videos that are designed to help everyone get started and pick up some valuable skills. The videos are available through design3, a game […]

Sony Ericsson Declares Android Best Development Platform

November 15, 2010 Doug Caverly

A joint venture between a respected Japanese electronics corporation and a Swedish telecommunications firm has given Google a significant pat on the back.  Sony Ericsson in fact declared Android the “best development platform” late last week. Granted, Sony Ericsson’s standing in the mobile industry isn’t what it once was, and […]

Devs Given PSP2 Hardware

September 30, 2010 Doug Caverly

It’s a good time to be a developer, or at least a PSP2 developer who’s on Sony’s good side, judging from a new report.  Sony’s supposed to have given out PSP2 hardware to some developers so that they can take an early crack at making games. Rob Crossley wrote earlier […]