July 21, 2017

Term Anchor Text – The Future of Penguin?

September 14, 2012

Since the dust from Penguin 1.0 and 1.1 has settled, some continuity has been established in terms of what exactly the algorithm update may have impacted. Of course, nobody knows for sure, but there are some overarching opinions that Penguin most heavily hit a few types of aggressive link builders:

Google Introduces the Structured Data Dashboard!

August 3, 2012 Navneet Kaushal

Google has announced a new functionality in Webmaster Tools- the Structured Data Dashboard. While introducing the dashboard, Google emphasized on the importance of structured data and how it uses the same in rich snippets and other applications. The Structured Data Dashboard can be found under “Optimization” and comes with three […]

Connecting AdWords and Analytics

July 13, 2012 Tamsin Mehew

Why link AdWords and Analytics? Traffic from AdWords will be automatically tracked as such in Analytics. You can see information such as bounce rate and pages per visit for different campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search terms and so on. You’ll also be able to incorporate AdWords information, like clicks and […]

How to Implement Google Rel=Author Markup

May 11, 2012 Navneet Kaushal

It is really beneficial for you to claim the authorship of your online content. When your author information appears next to your content, it stands way too prominently and looks much more credible in search listings. And this results in you getting higher click through rates, for free! Google rolled […]

Google Ranking Explained in Just 8 Minutes

May 4, 2012 Rene LeMerle

Last week Matt Cutts released a video titled “How Does Google Search Work?″ that explains how Google crawls, uses page rank, sets priorities, indexes, and filters in just 8 mins. Part history lesson, part education lesson; Cutts kicks off by explaining the journey that crawling has taken since he first […]

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