August 19, 2017

The Community ASP.NET Needs

April 8, 2011 Michael Marr

The last few of my articles have been focused on some of the maneuvers Microsoft is pulling to improve and repair the ASP.NET brand. As eluded to in these articles, these decisions made by Microsoft are aimed at the developers. If Microsoft is able to build an active set of […]

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces API Bundles

March 12, 2010 Doug Caverly

Packaged API bundles – which are said to be an industry first – arrived today thanks to Alcatel-Lucent.  These bundled APIs were unveiled at the South by Southwest Conference, and are supposed to make things quite a bit easier on both developers and service providers. Here’s one key point developers […]

Sorenson Releases API For Developers

March 2, 2010 Mike Sachoff

Sorenson Media has released its Sorenson 360 API that allows developers and business clients to create scalable custom video solutions with minimal coding, and to integrate high quality video into their websites via Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network. “Users will notice right away that we have built the Sorenson 360 […]

Companies Seeking PHP Developers Are Increasing

February 18, 2010 Savio Rodrigues

Matt Asay wrote a well received post about dynamic scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Python ‘crashing the enterprise party’. While the job trends chart that Matt used is somewhat misleading, the chart isn’t central to his point. I say somewhat misleading because the chart tracks percentage growth […]

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