July 21, 2017

WebMatrix and Razor, a Refrain of Classic ASP, PHP

October 29, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

Over the summer, Microsoft released a beta version of it’s WebMatrix product and the Razor templating engine. As developers try it out and test it, they are finding the combination a nostalgic throwback to the arguably better, but simpler, method of in-lining .NET code into the HTML page. This is […]

Increasing Your Site’s Search Indexation

October 20, 2010 Jon Hines

In the past we have talked about the importances of having your pages indexed quickly by Google. This will help your website getting ranked by the major search engines, and it will help your business. If nobody can find your business online, then you better do more cold calling to […]

How To Retrieve MySQL Data via PHP

March 19, 2010 Staff

MySQL and PHP are very interactive with one another. Follow this quick-and-easy tutorial to learn how to create a PHP statement that will acquire data from a MySQL database.

Top Security with Firewall Script

February 18, 2010 Staff

Ever wanted the best security for your php scripts, blogs, forums, websites, etc..? Firewall Script can solve this problem for you, which can stop almost any vulnerable to man to secure your website at its best, even if you miss a patch! […]

Security Practices

February 18, 2010

When new developers first start learning PHP, they don’t learn about security as much as they do PHP”s language structure.   Security is just as important to learn as is the language’s structure itself.  Without secure code you may create larger issues.  A user could take over a web server due […]

Companies Seeking PHP Developers Are Increasing

February 18, 2010 Savio Rodrigues

Matt Asay wrote a well received post about dynamic scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Python ‘crashing the enterprise party’. While the Indeed.com job trends chart that Matt used is somewhat misleading, the chart isn’t central to his point. I say somewhat misleading because the chart tracks percentage growth […]

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