July 21, 2017

How To Retrieve MySQL Data via PHP

March 19, 2010 Staff

MySQL and PHP are very interactive with one another. Follow this quick-and-easy tutorial to learn how to create a PHP statement that will acquire data from a MySQL database.

Save MySQL Campaign Collects Over 21,000 Signatures

January 6, 2010 Doug Caverly

Monty Widenius and his “Save MySQL!” site have been fairly busy. Following a launch in late December, they’ve collected the signatures of about 21,000 people who feel that Oracle shouldn’t be allowed to exercise control over the world’s most popular open source database.

Build a Content Management System with PHP, MySQL

December 17, 2009 Staff

This content-rich video will help outline the various benefits of building a CMS (Content Management System) with PHP and MySQL. The benefits discussed are: 1) Earning potential is much higher, clients are happier with a unique powerful site. 2) Easily break away from the WordPress and Joomla design molds. 3) […]

MySQL, PHP, Flash Secrets of Communication

December 17, 2009 Staff

This video contains a great visual demonstration in flow-chart form of how Flash, PHP, and MySQL integrate and work with one another. The speaker uses real-life scenarios of how the interaction of these three elements are used in development and implementation.

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