July 23, 2017

Agenda For Mobile Developer Conference Revealed

April 12, 2016 Chris Crum

About a year ago, Yahoo held its first ever developer conference in San Francisco. In December, the company announced the next one. The Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference will be held on February 18 at The Masonic in San Francisco. This week, they announced the agenda. There will be an opening […]

WSJ Documents Demand For Developers

April 15, 2011 Doug Caverly

Every publication gets things wrong on occasion; a reporter might misspell a person’s name here, or skip an apostrophe there.  But the Wall Street Journal has an excellent reputation in terms of overall accuracy, and so mobile app developers may be interested to know that a new article focuses on […]

Nokia Touts Ovi Store For developers

April 12, 2011 Mike Sachoff

Nokia said today its Ovi Store has grown nearly eight times over the last year and reaches up to 5 million downloads per day driven by by the latest Symbian devices – the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7 – which account for about 15 percent of […]

Google Defends Role In Android Ecosystem

April 7, 2011 Doug Caverly

If you’ve heard some unpleasant rumors about Google controlling device manufacturers and making Android less open, don’t swallow them just yet.  Google’s Andy Rubin told the company’s side of things yesterday, referring to the other tales as FUD. Rubin wrote in a post on the Android Developers Blog, “As always, […]

Novell Releases Mono For Android

April 6, 2011 Mike Sachoff

Novell announced today the availability of Mono for Android, a tool for developing Microsoft .NET apps for the Android platform using Microsoft Visual Studio. Novell is enabling Microsoft .NET and C# developers using Visual Studio and other environments to use a common code base to create applications for mobile devices, […]

Xperia Play Developer Training Videos Announced

April 5, 2011 Doug Caverly

Developers who want to make games for the Xperia Play and happen to be visual learners are in luck.  Sony Ericsson has announced the availability of training videos that are designed to help everyone get started and pick up some valuable skills. The videos are available through design3, a game […]

Android In-App Billing Integrates With PapayaMobile

March 31, 2011 Mike Sachoff

PapayaMobile has announced that Android’s In -App billing is now available on its social gaming network. PapayaMobile will also integrate Android’s In-App billing into its Social SDK and Game Engine products, offering Android developers access to monetization tools. Papaya says the key reason why developers are currently finding iPhone to […]

In-App Billing Comes To Android Market

March 30, 2011 Doug Caverly

Android developers, let’s hear a cheer.  Late yesterday, Google announced the launch of in-app billing on the Android Market, meaning users can make purchases from within apps from now on. If you’re not familiar with the concept, in-app billing has a lot of promise.  For users, it means less hassle […]

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