July 23, 2017

An Overview of the Java Variable Scope

September 6, 2011 Joe Purcell

Scoping can be thought of as “the extent of information hiding.” In other words, scoping tells you where variables and methods can be seen from. Java has a neat approach to this that is both expressive and organized. All variables are associated with a scope. Any single scope can be […]

Java And Anti-aliasing

August 2, 2011 Mark Stephens

Anti-aliasing is the processes of making the edges of lines on shapes or text less jagged. This is done by fooling the eye – intermediate pixels are added to smooth the color transition. So you might add some grey pixels between a black and a white point. It is very […]

PDF Security (Passwords and Certificates)

July 19, 2011 Mark Stephens

Access to PDF files can be secured so that not anyone can open them. This is achieved by encryption – the bytes int PDF file are actually scrambled using a unique key – you will need a key to convert the PDF data back into something which can be opened. […]

Method Overloading

July 7, 2011 Joe Purcell

One great question on StackOverflow is essentially, “What is method overloading for?” Method overloading, or function overloading, is a feature in some programming languages that allows multiple methods to be made with the same name, but each able to handle different types of input. Method overloading can add expressiveness, conciseness, […]

Turn a Jar in to a Mac app complete with Installer

June 13, 2011 Mark Stephens

We have a few different examples packaged up in JPedal that can be started by setting system properties with the -D flag from the command line.  I thought it would be interesting to get these to run in the same way as you expect other programs to run with installers, […]

Using PDF Files In Unusual Ways

May 17, 2011 Mark Stephens

One of my favourite features of the PDF file format is it’s flexibility. It goes way beyond a document format, it offers lots of interactive features, Javascript, and you can actually use it to develop alsorts of flexible applications. With PDF readers very ubiquitous, it offers a rather useful cross-platform […]

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