July 21, 2017

Windows 8 Developers Get Early Access To Unity 4 Program

March 8, 2013 Zach Walton

In just a few years, Unity has become a premier game development engine that has encouraged indie developers all around the world to create expansive titles for PC, consoles and mobile. With Unity 4, the engine is ready to take on big budget game development, and Windows 8 is invited […]

Xperia Play Developer Training Videos Announced

April 5, 2011 Doug Caverly

Developers who want to make games for the Xperia Play and happen to be visual learners are in luck.  Sony Ericsson has announced the availability of training videos that are designed to help everyone get started and pick up some valuable skills. The videos are available through design3, a game […]

Zipline Launches Game Development Platform

April 5, 2011 Mike Sachoff

Zipline Games, a new mobile games company, has announced the first beta of its Moai game development platform. Moai offers mobile game developers a open-source SDK for developing IOS and Android games in Lua with all the features and performance of native development. Moai Cloud expands the Lua heritage with […]

MegaZebra Gets Millions In Funding

April 1, 2011 Doug Caverly

Here’s some happy news to end the week on: MegaZebra, a developer that specializes in social games, has raised a lot of money.  Doughty Hanson Technology and Kizoo Technology Ventures announced yesterday that they’ve made a significant investment. Unfortunately, the exact details haven’t been disclosed, so we can’t say convert […]

Tapjoy Launches Publishing Platform For Game Developers

March 23, 2011 Mike Sachoff

Tapjoy, a distribution and monetization platform for application developers, has announced a new way for independent developers to turn their social mobile and tablet games into profitable titles. Tapjoy will help fund the growth of early-stage and pre-launch games by leveraging the company’s distribution and monetization platform and by investing […]

Scoreloop Launches Android Program For Game Developers

March 10, 2011 Mike Sachoff

Mobile social gaming platform Scoreloop is launching “Go Android,” a partnership program designed to help iOS developers bring their games to Android. This new initiative from Scoreloop offers eligible developers the ability to reach a new audience without the time and resourcing hassle that comes along with porting. “We’re providing […]

$100 Million Fund9 Encourages Porting To Android

March 9, 2011 Doug Caverly

Many people would agree that iOS developers who have ignored Android so far have missed a big opportunity.  The upside, however, is that they remain eligible to benefit from a new $100 million fund (called Fund9) established by OpenFeint and The9. OpenFeint and The9 want top developers to port their […]

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