July 21, 2017

Moving Objects in ActionScript Using _x and _y

November 2, 2012 Chad Sweely

When creating/developing a presentation in Adobe Flash, there may be instances when you may need or want to move certain objects by either keyboard and mouse interaction. Moving objects around in your Adobe Flash presentation can help make your presentation more interactive and more alive to the audience who you […]

AIR And Flash Player Get New Betas From Adobe

October 5, 2012 Zach Walton

Adobe is taking a two pronged approach to Web-based media going forward. The company has discontinued support for Flash on Android, but AIR is a more than worthy successor for the mobile Web. Flash is still going strong on desktop as it powers the future of Web-based video and gaming. […]

Using Expressions in ActionScript

September 7, 2012 Chad Sweely

Throughout every day life, we use expressions all of the time; however, we just don’t really think about them. We all learned how to use expressions while learning simple mathematical functions in elementary school (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), but we take for granted the fact that we use them […]

Olympic Google Doodle Hurdles Game Based Off QWOP

August 10, 2012 Chad Sweely

The 2012 Summer Olympics have been taking the world by storm, where millions have been cheering on their home country a well as the athletes who are coming this year’s Olympics. Many brands have also been getting involved with the Olympic hype, which helps keep viewers motivated and involved with […]

How To Create a Chalkboard Using ActionScript

March 9, 2012 Chad Sweely

In this Flash tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple chalk/drawing board using Flash’s programming language of ActionScript. It may sound hard; however, when I figured it out, it wasn’t that hard at all. Step 1: Creating The Flash Document: After you have created a new Flash […]

How To Make Your Own Cursor Using Flash

October 28, 2011 Chad Sweely

A while back, I posted an article here on DevWebPro explaining that you can change your cursor type using JavaScript and CSS, and in this tutorial, I will show you how you can change your cursor in Flash with a cursor that you can make yourself. In this example/tutorial, I […]

Using Visibility in ActionScript

September 2, 2011 Chad Sweely

For this week’s tutorial, I will show you how to make objects that you place on the stage visible and invisible using the visibility properties in ActionScript. As an example of this, I will be using the idea of turning a light switch on and off. To start this tutorial, […]

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